I am pleased to report a successful year for THOMAS. Across our services we worked with around 1200 people including our partnership work with Inspire Lancashire, Achieve Salford and Lifeline Manchester. Equally we provided 8773 meals for people in need. Our residential communities promoted 100% drug/alcohol free and crime free environments. In addition we supported people preparing for and going through their detoxification. Our psychosocial programmes provided a sound foundation for change and growth. Adaptation and adjustment is at the heart of THOMAS. People are shaped in fundamental ways by their environment and the fundamental learning process that this creates. We continue to empower our service users by cultivating a culture of transformational change. Our recovery communities build confidence and give insight to each person. We invite the individual to reflect on their journey with optimism. However a prerequisite is a willingness to stop, listen, learn and know. Building trust, cooperation and communication are essential ingredients of our mission. Trust, care and tolerance can open the door to a new beginning.

The charity concluded the year with a sound set of financial results and robust focus on management and strategic performance.

It is truly a privilege to be CEO of THOMAS and to be supported by the Board and a competent management team. I am grateful to all our staff who have worked so hard to make THOMAS a success

James McCartney